Hi! We are Mirje and Antti Halla. We are web professionals and Anywheris Ltd is our company. At our Web Clinic we'll help you with your websites. In addition, Antti provides web development and data analysis, and Mirje supports you in planning group workshops.

Need help with tuning your website? Bring your site for a health check at our Web Clinic. We'll go through your site and your traffic data to help you better understand your situation, customers and possibilities. The main focus is on the site and making sure it does what it's supposed to and in an optimal way, but your social media presence won't remain unchecked either. The first thing we'll do is to type your name in Google search. Interested?

Let us know!

Antti is relentless solution seeker with strong technical background. He turns ideas to program code and your visit statistics to user stories.

Mirje keeps the stuff together, while finding and combining the best solutions for each situation. The visitors' experience on your site matters the most.

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